January 12, 2023

Chinese Herbs for Muscle Recovery

Supplementing your post workout with Chinese herbs is a great idea. These are mostly available as extracts and have been shown to have extensive benefits, including promoting muscle recovery.
January 11, 2023

Does CBD Reduce Inflammation or Just Pain?

We've all heard about the pain relieving qualities of CBD. But how exactly does CBD work? Does it help to treat general pain, or just inflammation? In this article we'll explore everything you need to know about CBD and pain.
January 10, 2023

Best Chinese Herbs for Weight Loss

If you want to naturally shed some extra weight, you may consider Chinese herbs. These herbs have been an integral component of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

January 09, 2023

CBD for Muscle Soreness

CBD can be a great companion for those looking for muscle soreness and pain relief. Let's take a closer look.
January 05, 2023

How to Store Gummy Edibles

Tips for how to enjoy fresh gummy edibles for longer.
December 31, 2022

Ingesting CBD vs Inhaling

The benefits of CBD are undeniable, but what is the best method for consuming CBD?
December 27, 2022

Is Delta-9 Legal in Tennessee

Are Tennessean's in the Volunteer State able to enjoy the benefits of Delta 9 THC?
December 20, 2022

Is THCV Legal in Indiana

Hoosiers are wondering about the legal status of THCV, and we've got the answers. 
December 19, 2022

Does Corydalis Really Work for Pain

Traditional Chinese medicine has know about the benefits of Corydalis for centuries. Today we take a closer look. 
December 17, 2022

What are the Benefits of Maca root?

Looking to learn more about the benefits of this Andes root? We have got the goods.