July 18, 2024

Dragon Hemp's 5 Do's and Don'ts for the Day Before a Big Event

Whether you’re a triathlete preparing for a big race or a bride gearing up for the marathon that is your wedding day, the day before is crucial for ensuring you perform at your best on the big day. Proper preparation can make a significant difference in your experience and overall...

July 15, 2024

From Summer Drinks to Sore Muscles: The Versatility of Ice for Recovery & Beyond

As summer heats up, ice isn't just for keeping drinks cold. It's also a powerful recovery tool, aiding in pain management, reducing inflammation, and speeding up recovery after workouts. Whether for sports injuries, post-exercise soreness, or chronic pain, ice therapy can help. Discover the science behind it and explore Dragon...
July 05, 2024

Does CBD make you sleepy or energized? Understanding the unique effects of different cannabinoids.

When considering the vast array of benefits that cannabinoids offer, a common question arises: do cannabinoids make you sleepy or energized? The answer is nuanced and depends on various factors, including the specific formulation and the presence of other cannabinoids. Let’s explore the diverse effects of different cannabinoids, including the...
July 01, 2024

CBD for Anxiety and Stress Relief

In today's fast-paced world, anxiety and stress have become all too common. Whether it's the pressures of work, the demands of personal life, or the constant stream of information from our digital devices, it's no wonder so many people are seeking ways to alleviate these burdens. One increasingly popular solution...
June 24, 2024

Melatonin Gummies: Are they effective?

Exploring the potential negative effects of melatonin gummies and explore why cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, and THC and traditional Chinese Herbs might be more effective alternatives for promoting better sleep.
June 14, 2024

Uncovering the Therapeutic Benefits of THC: A Path to Holistic Health and Wellness

In recent years, THC has emerged from the shadows of stigma to take its rightful place as a potent ally in the realm of health and wellness. Join us as we uncover the therapeutic benefits of THC and discover how this remarkable cannabinoid can transform your approach to health and...
June 05, 2024

Pride & Wellness: A History of Homosexuality & Spiritual Practice

As we celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month, it is essential to honor the rich history and traditions of native cultures that have long embraced homosexuality with respect and reverence. These cultures often integrated diverse sexual orientations into their spiritual and medicinal practices, recognizing the unique roles and contributions of individuals within...

June 03, 2024

Unleashing Your Potential: Enhancing Triathlon Performance with Recovery Tincture

Triathletes epitomize dedication, blending swimming, cycling, and running into a single, grueling sport. This demanding versatility pushes their bodies to the limit, creating unique stressors that require exceptional recovery strategies. Enter Dragon Hemp Recovery Tincture—a revolutionary blend of full-spectrum hemp and potent Chinese herbs designed to reduce inflammation and accelerate...
May 31, 2024

The Power of CBN: The Lesser Known Cannabinoid for Better Sleep

In the realm of cannabinoid medicine, one compound is emerging as a potent ally in the quest for better sleep: Cannabinol, or CBN. This lesser-known cannabinoid is gaining recognition for its unique properties that can significantly enhance sleep quality. In this article, we will explore the science behind CBN, its...

May 24, 2024

The Perfect Host Gifts for Summer

As Memorial Day weekend kicks off the summer season, it brings with it a wave of excitement for getaways, reunions, and adventures. Whether plans include lounging on sandy beaches, hiking through mountain trails, or simply enjoying quality time with friends and family, showing appreciation to your hosts is a gracious...