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6 Ways to Reignite Your New Year's Resolutions & Weight Loss Goals

Kevin Menard



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As the calendar nudges us deeper into the year, the initial zeal for New Year's resolutions, especially those around fitness and weight loss, begins to dim. This is a familiar crossroads where the excitement of early January meets the reality of sustained effort. Yet, it's precisely this moment that presents a golden opportunity to rekindle your commitment to health and vitality, and Dragon Hemp stands ready to illuminate that path. 

Our unique blend of traditional wisdom and cutting-edge wellness practices offers the support needed to navigate this journey.

Here are 6 Steps to help you reignite your New Year's resolutions and weight loss goals:

1. Reassess and Adjust Your Goals

It's essential to revisit the goals that seemed so attainable at the year's start. Perhaps those weight loss and fitness resolutions were set with a burst of enthusiasm that now needs recalibrating. This is where Dragon Hemp's innovative solutions, such as the Energy Gummies with THCV, shine. They offer a natural energy boost while helping to manage appetite, ensuring your weight loss goals are both realistic and within reach.

2. Seek Accountability & Support

The path to weight loss and improved fitness is more rewarding and manageable when shared. Engaging with a support network can reinvigorate your commitment. 

Being part of the Dragon Hemp community means embracing a holistic health philosophy that merges the power of cannabinoid science with the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, providing a solid foundation for your wellness journey.

3. Embrace Adaptability

Flexibility in your approach to weight loss and fitness is crucial. When life's unpredictability impacts your routine, Dragon Hemp's Sleep Gummies with CBD & CBN, along with the Sleep Tincture, are there to support quality sleep and recovery. This ensures you remain resilient, ready to pursue your fitness goals with vigor, despite the ups and downs life may throw your way.

4. Celebrate Progress, No Matter How Small

Recognizing each achievement on your weight loss journey is vital for sustained motivation. Dragon Hemp's Recovery Tincture, with its blend of Full Spectrum CBD designed to reduce pain and inflammation, serves as a reward for your hard work, facilitating recovery and encouraging you to celebrate every success.

5. Reconnect with Your Motivations

Understanding the 'why' behind your weight loss goals can reignite your determination. Dragon Hemp's product range is crafted to support various aspects of wellness—energy, appetite management, sleep quality, recovery—ensuring your journey encompasses a holistic approach to health.

As we advance through the year, let this period be a springboard to reengage with your New Year's resolutions. Incorporating Dragon Hemp into your routine is more than a step towards achieving your fitness and weight loss goals; it represents a commitment to a lifestyle that cherishes balance, health, and the healing power of nature.

6. activate your community

The journey towards health, fitness, and weight loss is enriched by the companions we choose along the way. By reassessing goals, seeking support, adapting to challenges, celebrating progress, and reconnecting with our deeper motivations—with Dragon Hemp as a steadfast ally—you embark on a path not just to a healthier body, but to a resilient spirit ready to embrace life's challenges. This integrated approach underscores the critical role of adaptability, support, and the comprehensive benefits of Dragon Hemp products in achieving and maintaining your fitness and wellness objectives.

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Dragon Hemp is the practitioner-founded apothecary that produces plant-based therapeutics formulated with a proprietary blend of next-generation botanicals and time honored herbal remedies.

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Our Founder.

Kevin Menard, LAc., is the leading practitioner in Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine on the East End of Long Island, with clientele ranging from business executives and fitness professionals to wellness gurus and weekend warriors.

As he cultivated his practice, Kevin began integrating CBD & other cannabinoids, native botanicals, and herbs into his treatments, addressing conditions like pain, musculoskeletal injuries, insomnia, overall wellness, and so much more. 

Following the promising results from his herbal and CBD-infused treatments, Kevin expanded his work, introducing Dragon Hemp to support patient wellness beyond his clinic's walls.

Our Apothecary.

Our Apothecary in Sag Harbor, New York was conceived as a beacon of rejuvenation and wellness in the Hamptons. Much more than a dispensary, at the core of the Dragon Hemp Apothecary is a commitment to education and understanding the benefits of time-honored herbal remedies synthesized with today’s advancements in cannabinoid research. 

Offering an array of products designed to align with the wellness needs of the Hamptons community, the store seeks to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern applications, making herbal medicine more compatible with our lifestyles today. Our unique apothecary in Sag Harbor not only represents a physical space but also embodies Dragon Hemp's ethos of premium, all-natural, effective wellness solutions, drawing from the rich heritage of the Hamptons and the innovative spirit of New York.

Not your conventional dispensary, our first-of-its-kind retail location, harmoniously balances tradition and innovation with an emphasis on experience and education. We invite you to step inside and let our herbal experts guide you on an exploration of the rejuvenating power of cannabinoids and traditional herbs in a setting that feels both timeless and contemporary.

Designed in collaboration with renowned Alfredo Paredes Studio, the apothecary embodies a sophisticated fusion of old-world tradition and contemporary application. Known for his 33-year tenure as Ralph Lauren Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, Alfredo Paredes, a master of crafting memorable retail experiences, helped transform the space into a shining gem of Sag Harbor. Reflecting the premium, natural, and therapeutic essence of Dragon Hemp, every aspect of the store, including the unique furniture pieces from Paredes' line, contributes to an ambiance of refined tranquility and wellness. The design echoes a classic herbal pharmacy blended with a modern aesthetic, mirroring our brand ethos of contemporizing ancient herbal medicine for today’s applications. Read more about our Apothecary design in Forbes.

Standing out on Main Street in Sag Harbor with the glow of our distinctive neon sign, our unique retail store has become a design destination of its own -- beyond just wellness -- in one of the Hamptons’ most popular villages. Whether you’re looking for potent natural therapeutics to tackle pain & inflammation or legal THC products to enhance mood or improve sleep, our apothecary is your safe haven at 108 Main Street.

Our Products.

Our products are formulated to serve the four crucial daily needs most often seen in Kevin’s practice—Essential Wellbeing for comprehensive health, Rest & Restoration to foster rejuvenation, Aches & Pains for relief from discomfort, and Liniments for body care that enhances both physical and emotional wellbeing.

Available in four versatile forms—swift-absorbing tinctures, targeted balms, discreet gummies, and moisturizers—we ensure a suitable choice for every lifestyle and wellness routine.

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We carefully select our organically grown ingredients, emphasizing sustainability to protect Earth's biodiversity. 

We believe in transparency in all our processes, from ingredient selection to the methods used by our CBD farmers, who lead the sustainable agriculture charge and concentrate on ecosystem restoration and carbon sequestration.

We're not just about products but about nurturing an understanding of traditional herbal practices and helping people make healthy decisions. 

With respect, we introduce newcomers to the benefits of age old herbal wisdom. 

Our aim is a future where well-being stems from nature, combining timeless knowledge with today's research.

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