Aches & Pains Set

Experience true relief with our Aches & Pains Set, designed to alleviate discomfort so you can embrace each day with renewed ease.

Our Warming Balm targets chronic pain, melting it away, while our Cooling Balm provides a soothing escape from acute aches, bruises, and swelling. Finally, our Recovery Tincture serves as a daily remedy, offering continuous support by alleviating post-exercise strains and the relentless pace of everyday life.

Each product in this set unites to tackle pain from every angle, inviting your body into a world of comfort, free from aches.

  • Warming Balm targets chronic pain with a heating sensation to stimulate blood flow and relax muscle tissue & joints.
  • Cooling Balm fights inflammation with a cooling, soothing sensation to tackle acute aches, bruises, and swelling for faster recovery.
  • Recovery Tincture features 50mg Full Spectrum CBD per dose to reduce inflammation, promote blood flow, and stimulate faster healing and recovery.

Aches & Pains Set

Aches & Pains Set

Aches & Pains Set
How to Use

Warming Balm: Designed for muscle priming, this balm provides comforting warmth to alleviate tightness. It is ideal for use as a warm-up aid before workouts and other strenuous activities.

Cooling Balm: Experience a refreshing chill, akin to an ice pack, that relieves sore muscles and bruises, offering comfort after physical activity.

Recovery Tincture: Enhance your post-activity care with this effective tincture. Mix it with water or your preferred beverage for a rejuvenating drink that supports your body's natural recovery process.

Dosage/Recommended Use

Use balms as needed depending on pain level.

Recovery Tincture:

1 - 2 droppers 1-2 times per day for discomfort levels 1-5 on pain scale 1-10. 2 droppers 2-3 times per day for discomfort levels 6-9 on pain scale 1-10. For pain levels at 10, please consider getting medical attention or going to ER.

More than 2 full droppers may cause drowsiness.

Do NOT use if pregnant or nursing. Recommended for ages 15 and above.

Peaceful nights for powerful mornings.

Explore Rest & Restoration

Seek relief, sleep well, and improve your health.

Leisure Gummies (Legal THC)

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  • A concentrated blend of naturally occurring cannabinoids to amplify the cheer without the risk of hangover.

No. 7 Levity
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Sleep Tincture (CBD / CBN / THC)

Indulge in a deeper, more fulfilling level of rest with this gentle tincture

  • A daily dose of peace & quiet at a more fulfilling level.

    For troubled dreams, anxious minds, & other obstacles to a good night's sleep.

  • A calming blend of schisandra fruit and jujube seeds to calm the mind and promote blood circulation.

  • Nourishing anemarrhena rhizome & szechuan lovage to clarify mental clutter, licorice root to harmonize and guide herbs, poria to reduce inflammation, and full spectrum CBD hemp extract, CBN & THC to promote uninterrupted rest.

No. 6 Tranquility
Sleep Tincture (CBD / CBN / THC)
Calming Gummies (CBD)
No. 5 Stability

A relaxing dose of peace of mind when you need it the most.

  • A relaxing dose of peace of mind.
    For nervous conditions, anxious states, and any other situations that require recentering.

  • Full spectrum CBD hemp extract to ease the mind, bring balance, and provide clarity through the stress.

No. 5 Stability
Calming Gummies (CBD)
Sleep Gummies (CBD / CBN)

A delicious dose of peaceful slumber.

  • Wind down for the night with this delicious dose of peaceful slumber.

    For those nights when you need a little extra rest.

  • CBD Isolate to relax the mind & body.

    Sedative CBN to ease you into a state of rest.

No. 0 Serenity
Sleep Gummies (CBD / CBN)
Warming Balm
No. 28 Mobility

A comforting remedy to long-term, chronic pain.

  • A soothing blend of camphor, clove, capsicum, and aconite to provide warmth, and frankincense, myrrh, corydalis to increase blood circulation and disperse stagnation, and Angelica root to drain dampness.

  • For chronic pain conditions including arthritiis, joint pain (neck, shoulders, elbows, & knees), lower back pain due to stiffness, herniations, and injury.

  • Calming licorice root to moderate and harmonize fellow herbs, and Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract to reduce inflammation and guide the medicinal herbs.

No. 28 Mobility
Warming Balm
Wellness Tincture (Full Spectrum CBD)

Boost your immune support and calm your nervous system.

  • A preventative measure for all occasions.
    For proactive protection from daily stressors.

  • Full spectrum CBD hemp extract to support recovery,
    ease the mind, and bring balance to the soul.

  • Certified Organic.

No. 2 Symmetry
Wellness Tincture (Full Spectrum CBD)
Cooling Balm
No. 82 Acuity

Get relief from acute pain conditions with this refreshing and aromatic topical balm.

  • An aromatic, cooling blend of menthol, gardenia, Chinese rhubarb, and red peony root for dispersing heat in inflammed tissue, and frankincense, myrrh, and corydalis to stimulate blood flow, enhance recovery and healing of tissue.

  • An invigorating source of immediate topical relief.
    For sudden injuries, accidental ailments, or any unplanned physical pain.

  • Licorice root to moderate and harmonize fellow herbs, and Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract to reduce inflammation and guide the medicinal herbs.

No. 82 Acuity
Cooling Balm