January 25, 2023

Can You Take CBD and Turmeric Together?

Both turmeric and cannabidiol (CBD) are rich in health-impacting compounds. As a result, many people use them to address nagging health concerns or to boost their overall wellness.

It is interesting to note that research shows that we are, worryingly, less healthy than previous generations. There is no shortage of explanations for this trend; behaviors like binge drinking and smoking are prevalent and have made us poorer in physical health. We are, as a society, also more prone to anxiety and depression.

With so much that can affect our increasingly fragile immunity, natural herbs have become popular with millions around the globe. Moreover, mixing them to enhance their beneficial effects has also become quite common.

Aristotle observed that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” and in herbalism, this makes perfect sense. So, in this article, we explain why mixing CBD and turmeric is a great idea. We also expound on some of the benefits of doing so.

Key takeaways 

  • CBD is a cannabis compound with numerous potential health benefits. It is non-psychoactive, making it a popular ingredient in many novel health supplements and conventional medicines.
  • Turmeric, a member of the ginger family, is known for its culinary and medicinal properties.
  • CBD and turmeric share many health benefits, so taking them together should enhance their overall effects.
  • Both CBD and turmeric have low oral bioavailability, but there are ways to enhance their bioavailability.
  • Newer health supplements are made with compounds that increase their absorption, making them easier to use.

What are CBD and turmeric?

CBD is one of the naturally existing compounds in cannabis. It belongs to the family of cannabinoids and is the second most abundant cannabinoid after tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in landrace strains.

Besides its wide array of health benefits, CBD’s main selling point is its non-psychoactivity. This essentially means that, unlike THC, CBD does not have mind-altering effects. This property has earned it many distinctions. 

First, it is the only cannabis-derived compound exempted from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) list of banned performance-enhancing drugs. Second, it is the only cannabis compound approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for seizure treatment.

Due to its health benefits, CBD is a popular ingredient in many novel medications for various health conditions and illnesses.

Turmeric is a plant in the larger ginger family. It is a popular spice in Indian, Thai, and Middle Eastern cuisines thanks to its sweet, earthy flavor. 

Apart from its role in culinary endeavors, turmeric is also used for its medicinal properties. Its therapeutic effects are attributed to an ingredient called curcumin (also responsible for its vibrant yellow color). Curcumin is obtained from the roots of the Curcuma longa plant. A lot of research has been conducted into its health benefits. Thus far, its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, hepatoprotective, neuroprotective, and cardioprotective properties particularly stand out.

In appreciation of its unique medicinal potential, turmeric’s popularity has grown significantly in recent years in the Western world. Consequently, it is an in-demand dietary supplement.

Are turmeric and CBD similar?

Yes, and no. How so?

Turmeric and CBD are similar insofar as their health benefits are compared. For instance, both compounds contain potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. For this reason, they are touted to have significant therapeutic implications for inflammatory conditions such as inflammation-related pain.

Furthermore, both CBD and turmeric have low bioavailability. As a result, you may have to take relatively large doses to achieve a therapeutically-significant amount of both compounds in your systemic circulation. This is especially true when they are administered orally.

Once ingested, curcumin is rapidly metabolized in the liver and small intestines, leaving only a tiny detectable amount in tissues. It also has a short half-life, limited tissue distribution, and low serum concentrations. All these factors contribute to lowering turmeric’s bioavailability.

Similarly, the oral bioavailability of CBD is quite low, typically in the range of 13-19%. The main reason for this is that CBD is fat-soluble rather than water-soluble. Since the body is 70% water, absorbing CBD becomes hugely difficult. Moreover, any small amount that makes it past the intestinal wall is metabolized by the liver before reaching systemic circulation.

Fortunately, there are ways to overcome these absorption challenges. For example, taking turmeric with black pepper has been shown to increase its bioavailability. As for CBD, sublingual and inhalation methods yield much higher bioavailability levels. Also, taking it with fatty foods increases its absorption into the bloodstream.

However, they are also different in some ways. In terms of nutritional content, turmeric may have the upper hand. That’s because it has over 100 different compounds, which reflects positively on its diverse range of potential health benefits.

Today, these herbals are promoted for their positive effects on a variety of conditions, including digestive problems, arthritis, allergies, depression, liver disease and respiratory infections, and many others.

What are the benefits of CBD?

CBD has numerous health benefits; some have been scientifically proven, while others are simply anecdotal. Either way, the growing popularity of CBD suggests that it may be worth taking seriously.

Some health conditions that people frequently use CBD to manage include:

As noted earlier, CBD’s therapeutic effects on some of these conditions are evidence-based. For instance, a 2010 study in the journal Future Medicinal Chemistry referred to CBD as a “novel anti-inflammatory” due to its ability to activate the CB2 receptor and influence anti-inflammatory responses. 

In another 2020 review of studies on the effect of cannabinoids on pain, the researchers termed nabiximols “promising” in treating chronic pain. Nabiximols are 50-50 formulations of CBD and THC commonly used to manage pain in clinical settings.

Due to its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, CBD topicals may be effective in treating various skin conditions. A 2020 study found that CBD topical applications may help treat skin disorders like eczema, pruritis, psoriasis, and inflammatory diseases. Still, more robust studies are needed to validate these findings.

But perhaps, the most established benefit of CBD is seizure control. As a result, it is the major ingredient in an anti-seizure medication called Epidiolex, used in the US and Europe to control seizures related to rare types of epilepsy known as Dravet syndrome or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

As the global environment becomes more accommodative towards hemp use, research on CBD’s properties and health benefits will undoubtedly be prioritized, so it is an area of study to pay attention to.

What are the benefits of turmeric?

Turmeric has been exploited for its wellness properties for centuries. It is a common ingredient in Eastern medical systems such as traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda (for example), as a treatment for wide-ranging health conditions.

This practice of medicinal use has continued to the present day, with turmeric becoming a popular health supplement. Its main active ingredient, curcumin, has been shown to have properties with substantial health benefits.

For example, a 2017 review noted that curcumin has anti-inflammatory qualities that can help manage inflammatory conditions. It may also aid post-workout recovery as it may help reduce muscle soreness and pain due to exercise-induced inflammation.

Another study found that arthritic patients reported less knee pain after turmeric treatment. This has led to suggestions it could have a role in developing arthritis treatment.

Other studies propose that turmeric may reduce the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases. This is attributed to the protective effects of curcumin against atherosclerosis, heart failure, stroke, aortic aneurysm, cardiac hypertrophy, and myocardial infarctions, among other diseases.

Overall, the potential benefits of turmeric are far too many to list here. But other research studies on turmeric’s health benefits suggest it may also help with:

So, there is every reason to believe that turmeric has numerous positive effects on your health. What’s more, many supplement manufacturers are now putting in more effort to increase the bioavailability of turmeric products. This may increase their health benefits.

Can you take CBD and turmeric together?

CBD and turmeric have many similar health benefits, so combining them does seem appropriate. In any case, both compounds are generally well-tolerated by most people and have minimal side effects.

For example, some users have complained of dry mouth, drowsiness, fatigue, and reduced appetite after taking CBD. Other than these mild symptoms, no profound adverse effect has been noted. 

The same applies to turmeric. Apart from mild nausea, stomach upset, dizziness, and diarrhea, it usually does not have side effects.  

So, CBD and turmeric have all the makings of a powerful herbal tag team. If anything, historical texts such as the venerated Materia Medica show that the practice of mixing herbs is age-old. It is believed to enhance the positive effects while minimizing the negative ones.

However, since CBD and turmeric share many properties, their combined effect may be overwhelming. So, it is advisable to consult certified herbalists and practitioners of traditional medical systems. 

It is also recommended to talk to a qualified physician before taking herbal supplements if you are on conventional medications. That’s because cannabinoids like CBD have been shown to interact with and possibly affect the pharmacokinetics of certain medicines. 

Ways to take CBD and turmeric

How you take CBD and turmeric largely depends on their form. These products are made into various types of health supplements like oils, tinctures, capsules, pills, and topicals. Keep in mind that the method of consumption dictates the quantity of active ingredients that reach your systemic circulation.

For example, the sublingual method is probably the most ideal if your product is in oil form. This allows the active ingredients to enter the systemic circulation directly, thus having a higher bioavailability. The more ingredients that reach your systemic circulation, the more pronounced the health benefits.

Some products come with CBD and turmeric already pre-combined. With other products, you will have to purchase the two separately. 

CBD oil and turmeric 

Our Relief recovery tincture is available in oil form and makes for easy sublingual administration. It has the healing powers of premium full-spectrum hemp CBD blended with turmeric, myrrh, corydalis, and other Chinese herbs. This dietary supplement is designed to reduce pain and inflammation by increasing blood flow and preventing blood stasis.

CBD with turmeric capsules

Another way to deal with nagging pain is through our Relief recovery capsules. The only difference between these capsules and the tincture is the CBD dosage (750 mg against 1,200 mg) and the hemp oil base. The good news is you get the same health benefits at a pocket-friendlier price!

Final thoughts: why CBD with turmeric make a perfect pair

In herbalism, two is better than one, and the more the merrier! Combining different herbs has been shown to increase their potency while reducing their adverse effects. This means you take a little of both to achieve similar benefits, effectively reducing the overall dose as opposed to when you take them separately.

In Ayurveda, turmeric is a “hot” herb typically used to boost the immune system, improve digestion, provide pain relief, and help with other health conditions. On its part, CBD appears to be “calming” if its effects on the CNS are anything to go by.

So, the CBD-turmeric pair may be perfectly balanced to provide therapeutic relief against wide-ranging illnesses and diseases.

Where to buy CBD with turmeric online 

So, if you are considering using natural supplements to better your health, go for quality products. In a space where regulation by the authorities is minimal, your safest bet is to use products from reputable brands like Dragon Hemp.

We manufacture custom products designed to perform specific health functions. So, whether you are aiming for better performance, recovery from physical exertion, better sleep quality, or overall well-being, we have what you need.

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