6 Simple Ways to Protect Our Beaches & Bays

6 Simple Ways to Protect Our Beaches & Bays

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Beaches and bays are more than just picturesque spots for leisure and relaxation; they are critical ecosystems that provide habitat for a myriad of marine species and help regulate climate by absorbing carbon dioxide. These vibrant ecosystems also significantly bolster local economies through tourism and recreation, not to mention the incredible seafood they produce. However, their continued vitality faces ongoing threats such as pollution, erosion, habitat destruction, and the impacts of climate change.

Recognizing the urgent need for conservation, we are excited to announce our upcoming partnership with Back to the Bays, an initiative of Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Marine Program, a conservation organization dedicated to marine and coastal stewardship. Back to the Bays has selected Sag Harbor–our own backyard–as its latest stewardship site, focusing on habitat restoration and eelgrass plantings to support the local marine wildlife. This partnership will also feature a series of community education programs designed to engage local residents and visitors in the preservation of our beloved coastal environments.

In honor of Earth Day, here are five simple but impactful ways you can help protect our beaches and bays, with a special focaus on actions you can take right in the Hamptons.

1. Participate in or Organize Clean-Up Events

Take Action Locally

Participate in regular clean-up events in your local community, like those held by Back to the Bays along the shores of Sag Harbor and surrounding areas. These initiatives directly remove litter, which can be detrimental to wildlife, and also enhance the natural beauty of our beaches.

Educational Impact

These clean-ups serve as educational platforms, especially for young community members, to learn about the importance of maintaining clean and healthy marine environments. By participating, volunteers gain a hands-on understanding of the challenges and solutions related to coastal conservation.

2. Reduce Your Use of Plastics

Changing Daily Habits

The Hamptons' marine life suffers from plastic pollution just like any coastal area. Opt for reusable bags, straws, and containers to minimize your plastic footprint. Local businesses increasingly support these efforts, so take advantage of available sustainable alternatives.

Support Legislation

Advocate for local ordinances that limit or ban the use of single-use plastics. Community support for such policies can drive significant change and reduce plastic debris in our marine environments.

3. Practice Responsible Boating

Environmental Awareness While Boating 

Boating is a favorite pastime in the Hamptons and around the country. Always ensure that your boating practices do not harm the ecosystem. This includes proper disposal of waste, using eco-friendly cleaning products, and maintaining boat engines and mechanicals to prevent oil leaks.

Support Clean Marinas

Engage with marinas that follow environmentally sound practices. These marinas often participate in programs like the Clean Marina Program, which promotes pollution prevention and safety.

4. Support and Respect Marine Protected Areas

Understanding Protected Areas

All bodies of water are home to several sensitive aquatic habitats. Familiarize yourself with local protected areas and adhere to regulations that prevent disturbances to these vital ecosystems.

Advocacy and Compliance

Whether it’s supporting policy initiatives or participating in public forums on environmental stewardship, your active involvement helps ensure the effectiveness of protected areas and promotes the expansion of these initiatives.

5. Educate Yourself and Others

Continuous Learning

Stay informed about local environmental issues by engaging with groups like Back to the Bays, attending workshops, and participating in community-led conservation programs.

Spreading Awareness

Share your knowledge and experiences related to marine conservation with friends, family, and community members. Use platforms like local community boards, social media, and public speaking opportunities to advocate for the protection of our beaches and bays.

6. Support Financially Through Donations

Fundraising for Long-term Restoration

Back to the Bays is currently running a fundraising drive essential for officially adopting Sag Harbor into their long-term restoration network. Meeting their fundraising target will enable them to continue and expand their eelgrass restoration efforts, begin work to establish a new spat-on-shell oyster reef, and conduct shellfish population enhancement seedings to bolster local bay scallop and hard clam populations in Sag Harbor.

How You Can Help

Donations of any size can make a significant difference. Contributions support the infrastructure and resources needed for these extensive restoration projects. By financially supporting Back to the Bays, you're investing in the health and sustainability of our local marine environments. Information on how to donate can be found on their website, and they welcome both individual contributions and corporate partnerships.

What's Next?

By getting involved in local clean-ups, reducing plastic use, practicing responsible boating, supporting protected areas, educating others, and contributing financially, you contribute to preserving the health and beauty of your local beaches and bays. 

Through our partnership with Back to the Bays and your active participation, we can make a substantial impact on the conservation of our local marine habitats and natural surroundings. Let's work together to protect these invaluable natural resources for future generations. Stay tuned as we announce more exciting aspects of our partnership and ways for you to get involved!

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