How We Make CBD More Effective with Chinese Herbs

How We Make CBD More Effective with Chinese Herbs

CBD has never been more accessible than it is today. With the seemingly endless supply of new products on the market claiming to treat a myriad of conditions, how can you be sure to choose the most effective products for your desired results?

The best and most effective products will be designed to treat specific conditions, rather than all conditions. After all, how can you trust the same product that claims it will help you focus at work to help you fall asleep at night? At Dragon Hemp, our products are designed to deliver specific and palpable results. We’re so confident in these results, we guarantee all of our products.

How can we be so confident in the efficacy of our products?

We do this by infusing CBD and other cannabinoids with traditional Chinese herbs that have been used to treat specific conditions for over two thousand years. In fact, Dragon Hemp is the only premium brand on the market that enhances the effects of CBD with Chinese herbs.

Why is Dragon Hemp's one-two punch of CBD + Chinese herbs so much more effective?

While CBD and other cannabinoids address inflammation-related conditions via the endocannabinoid system, a self-regulating system of receptor cells found in humans and most mammals, the Chinese herbs address imbalance through various other pathways, e.g. increasing circulation, or dispersing blood stasis. In developing our products, I set out to pair CBD with the specific herbs that would enhance its effect on the specific conditions I encounter most often in-clinic, and, in practice, discovered they have a synergistic relationship with effects outperforming my initial expectations. This is the methodology behind our products that blend CBD and other cannabinoids with Chinese herbs and other botanical remedies.

The result is stronger, more effective products to enhance your every day, from performance and recovery, to sleep and general well-being. So, if you’re the type of person who likes to address problem areas head-on and won’t settle for anything less than palpable results, Dragon Hemp’s products were made for you!

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