Five Questions You Should Ask When Buying CBD

Five Questions You Should Ask When Buying CBD

Before you purchase and ingest CBD, there are 5 things every consumer must be aware of to make smart decisions about which CBD products to buy and its impact on your health. Not all CBD is the same, and consumers need to be as educated as possible

Here are 5 questions you should ask to make the most educated decisions when purchasing CBD: 

What is in CBD? Is it high-quality CBD?

Is it full-spectrum or isolate? Full-spectrum includes other cannabinoids and terpenes, so you may feel a stronger effect, while isolate may be less noticeable overall, but more effective for mental focus. For example, our RELIEF tincture features full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, while our REACH capsules contain CBD isolate. 

That includes where was the CBD grown, processed, and manufactured. Was it third-party tested? Is it natural or synthetic. Make sure to read the COA, or Certificate of Analysis provided with each batch. You should be able to find these easily on the QR codes of the packaging.

What am I taking CBD for?

What do you want it to treat, what is the desired outcome. CBD is NOT a magic bullet that addresses every condition. There is new research everyday about the potential, incredible anti-inflammatory health benefits of cannabionoids, but they have their limits.

It takes a consistent, daily CBD routine for your body to build up and maintain its own levels of endogenous cannabinoids allowing for down-regulation of inflammation thus returning the body to homeostasis.

Dragon Hemp products emphasize the fusion of cannabinoids with other traditional Chinese herbs, a synergistic relationship aimed to amplify and expedite the effectiveness of each. 

What is the proper dose of CBD to attain the desired outcome or effect e.g. better sleep, reduce pain?

Everyone's biochemistry is different, but the store/healthcare professional from where you are buying it should be able to give good guidance on how much is right for you. In my experience, usual doses of CBD are usually 25mg-50mg/dose. Sometimes less, sometimes more depending on condition.

For example, taking CBD for pre/post running, 5mgs of CBD will do practically nothing. Taking too much, on the other hand, will not cause an "over-dose", it might just make you really tired. With that said, one should consider a maximum of 250mg/day.

Are there any side effects of CBD? Can CBD react negatively with anything else I am taking?

CBD binds with receptors thereby causing an effect. Because of this, CBD can interact with other drugs and cause side effects. Some of the main drug-on-drug considerations are anticoagulant medications and some NSAIDs, like Mobic (meloxicam).

Therefore, it is always important to talk to your healthcare provider before mixing CBD with pharmaceuticals.

How much does CBD cost? Is CBD worth it?

Best way to compare costs of various CBD products ins cost/mg. You can buy really cheap CBD at a high content from a gas station, for instance, but what kind of CBD (quality - #1) is in it.
Conversely, some CBD products are priced outrageously high for no reason.

At Dragon Hemp, our aim is to provide the highest quality CBD products at affordable prices, while remaining sustainable, organic, and, most importantly, effective. For example, our super-concentrated COOLING BALM and WARMING BALM contain 3,600mg of CBD per jar, roughly 5x more CBD by volume than most comparable competitors’ products.

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