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none of the hangover.

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Limited inventory | hemp-derived


hemp-derived ∆-9 for a safe, natural bliss.

All of the buzz, none of the booze.

Infused with 5mg of hemp, these gummies will give you a sense of euphoria with no hangover the next day.

35mg complementary +herbs+ to optimize the hemp.

All-natural ingredients.

The perfect alternative to alcohol, crafted with all-natural ingredients so you can indulge truly guilt-free.

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Whether you’re chilling at the beach or going out with friends, enhance every activity, risk-free!

5mg hemp | nationwide shipping

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Organic, US-grown Hemp.
Organic, US-Grown Hemp
Premium, lab-tested herbs.
Premium, Lab-Tested Herbs
Free of Pesticides and Additives.
Free of Pesticides & Additives
Gluten-Free formulas.
Gluten-Free Formulas
Vegan, plant-based ingredients.
Vegan, Plant-Based Ingredients

A symphony of citrus notes that will brighten any day.

Limited inventory | Hemp-derived

A tropical indulgence that will whisk you away to sunnier shores.

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5mg hemp | nationwide shipping

Feel like yourself again.

Free yourself from hangovers and elevate your daily ritual.

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