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Love Gummies

Love Gummies

Ignite the Dragon
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20mg CBD + 40mg Maca Root.

The all-natural performance enhancement you've been waiting for, our LOVE gummies are designed to get your blood flowing with a proprietary blend of CBD and Maca Root, so you feel a boost in libido, energy, and endurance.

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How to use

Suggested dose: 1-2 gummies. Take as needed.

Key Ingredients

CBD (cannabidiol): a non-psychoactive cannabinoid shown to calm the body and mind from daily stressors, help reduce inflammation, and support recovery from pain or exercise.

Maca Root: a plant native to Peru, used for thousands of years as a natural aphrodesiac said to increase libido, enhance mood, improve fertility in men, and alleviate symptoms of menopause in women.