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Back-to-Work Bundle (SAVE $10)

Back-to-Work Bundle (SAVE $10)

Energy + Focus (Capsules & Gummies)
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Whether up against a deadline, or cramming for an exam, our Back-to-Work Bundle includes:

REACH Capsules

- AND -

Energy Gummies - OR -  Focus Gummies (pick one)

Each bottle of REACH contains 750mg (or 25mg per dose) of premium CBD isolate blended with American ginseng, yerba mate, and other native botanicals & Chinese herbs recognized to ELEVATE MOOD, PROMOTE BLOOD CIRCULATION, and STIMULATE THE BRAIN. 

Energy Gummies in ORANGE CREAM will put a little extra pep in your step with active cannabinoids CBC (5mg per gummy) & THCV (5mg per gummy), so you can PUSH HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER.

Focus Gummies in MANGO or RASPBERRY LEMONADE are designed to improve cognitive function with THCV (5mg per gummy) and Lion’s Mane extracts (75mg per gummy), so you can GET THE MOST OUT OF THAT BIG BRAIN OF YOURS.


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This bundle is designed to help you get more done and address the stress while you're doing it.

REACH (25 mg CBD per dose): Naturally boosts energy, provides mental clarity, and enhances focus. Our REACH regulars like to call it the organic, ALL-NATURAL ADDERALL.

FOCUS Gummies are designed to improve cognitive function and focus.

ENERGY Gummies are designed to provide a boost in energy without caffeine.

How to use

REACH Capsules
Take one (1) REACH capsule (25mg CBD) with food and plenty of water.

For maximum effect, take 30 minutes prior to exercise, work, or other activity. Best taken in the morning or early in the day as to not affect sleep.

Energy + Focus Gummies
Suggested dose: 1-2 gummies. Take as needed.

Do not use formulas containing Chinese herbs if you are pregnant or nursing, consult a doctor before using CBD. Keep out of reach of children.

Key Ingredients

Premium CBD Isolate (Cannabidiol) (25mg per dose): has been shown to support recovery from pain or exercise, calm the body and mind from daily stressors and help reduce inflammation.

Cordyceps: this powerful adaptogenic medicinal mushroom and Chinese herb is considered to enhance physical performance and anti-aging, plus reduce inflammation.

Yerba Mate: this South American herb is rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients and said to boost and improve mental focus, enhance physical performance, help with appetite control & weight loss, and boost your immune system.

American Ginseng: also considered an adaptogen, a class of substances that are believed to stimulate the body ́s resistance to physical, environmental, and emotional stressors. This Chinese herb is said to assist in reducing stress and enhancing the immune system.

Guarana Seeds: popular Brazilian botanical that is rich in antioxidants and considered to reduce fatigue and improve focus, enable better learning, and promote weight loss.

FOCUS Gummies
THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) (5mg per gummy): a mildly-psychoactive cannabinoid recognized for its therapeutic benefits, including a focused, energetic sense of euphoria.

Lion's Mane (75mg per gummy): a medicinal mushroom with neuromodulatory health benefits, said to increase cognitive function.

ENERGY Gummies
THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) (5mg per gummy): a mildly-psychoactive cannabinoid recognized for its therapeutic benefits, including a focused, energetic sense of euphoria.

CBC (Cannabichromene) (5mg per gummy): a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that binds with receptors outside of the endocannabinoid system to boost the effects of other cannabinoids, increasing their therapeutic benefits.